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Land Management & Wildlife Consulting

Grow Your Vision

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We take the time to visit your property with you, write down you goals and your vision, and begin crafting a plan to help you tackle your dream property together


We purposely design each property to your unique goals and aspirations. because of this, every property is different as we focus on your hunting, land value, and habitat management.


we take pride in offering you our full attention. We also don't stop doing that. Offering guidance year round on any new or existing property is what we do, and we will always put our knowledge and skills to work for you.


The best part about your hard work is your story. We put our cinematography skills to work to make sure your story gets heard through all the preparation, hard work, and results that you have built


20111 Goodloe Orchard Rd.

Lexington, MO, 64067

Kinser - Co-founder: 660-493-3802

Blaney - Co-founder: 660-233-1505

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